A DARWEN teenager and her mum were amongst those wounded by an Islamic State gunman in the Tunisian massacre.

Naomi Wearing, 18, was peppered with shrapnel in her back and legs after being blasted by a grenade, while her mum Carol was hit with what medics think was either bullets or chunks of metal.


The pair, had been walking to have lunch in the beach resort of Sousse when they were caught up the deadly terror attack.

Last night the foreign office confirmed 15 British people were amongst the 39 killed.

Carol and Naomi were treated by medics before arriving home at Manchester Airport on Saturday afternoon on a specially chartered flight.

Speaking from Royal Blackburn Hospital, where she was yesterday facing an operation to remove the shrapnel, Carol described the moment the idyllic resort turned into a living nightmare.

The 46-year-old Crown Paints worker said: “Me and Naomi had gone away, just us two. It was a treat before she goes to university.

“We were walking down to the beach because the restaurant used for lunch is on the beach. We heard a gunshot, took a few more steps, and then heard a series of gunshots.”

Carol and Naomi, of Astley Heights, Darwen, ran back into the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, where they were locked in a room by staff.

Minutes later, they were let out again and told to run as ISIS shooter Seifeddine Rezgui stormed the hotel carrying explosives and a Kalashnikov rifle.

Carol said: “We ran out the front and just before we got to the front gates, I felt something shooting through my leg. There was no pain, it was just like somebody threw something at my leg. It gave way.

“There was a gaping hole in my leg and foot.”

A local man, believed to be a taxi driver, took off his shirt and wrapped it around Carol’s bloodied limb before carrying her to a nearby disco.

A passing ambulance then took Carol to a nearby hospital while Naomi, who had become separated, went to a nearby clinic with two other girls.

Carol said: “Her phone was smashed but she managed to call her dad, who asked her if she had been shot. She said she didn’t know but she was covered in blood.”

The pair were later reunited on the plane, and are now recovering from their ordeal.

They recognised some of the victims, whose pictures have been published by the national press, from breakfast, or from relaxing by the sea, Carol said.

“We feel lucky to be alive but we can’t believe it. Everybody was screaming, ‘we are going to die’,” she said.

“You just can’t believe it can happen to you. Everybody got up on Friday morning and had breakfast and sat on the sunbeds, and a couple of hours later, their lives were turned upside down.”

Carol said she hoped to one day thank the man who carried her to safety, as well as the manager at the disco, who initially offered to drive her to hospital himself.

She said: “The Tunisians did everything they could. They were brilliant.”

It emerged after the attack that Rezgui, a 23-year-old Tunisian aviation student, had disguised himself as a tourist, carrying his gun onto the beach in a closed parasol.

He was said to have laughed and joked as he targeted tourists, spraying them with gunfire and throwing explosives at them.

He was shot dead by police after heading from the beach to the hotel where Naomi and Carol were staying, and continuing his deadly attack.

Naomi’s brother Stephen, who works at Sainsbury’s in Darwen and who had himself stayed at the hotel with his girlfriend last month, posted updates on Facebook in the aftermath.

He wrote: “Just to keep everyone informed, my sister has shrapnel wounds to her back and legs from a grenade, and my mum’s been shot in the leg and foot.”

Former St Wilfrid’s Academy student Naomi, who is due to start at the University of Central Lancashire to study to become a social worker in September, was among 12 Brits treated at The Clinic Les Oliviers.

Another was 16-year-old Owen Richards, who lost three family members.

As the hours following the attack stretched into days, the death toll continued to rise, with Prime Minister David Cameron warning that the public should ‘be prepared for the fact that many of those killed were British’.

ISIS has since claimed it is behind the attack, prompting Darwen MP Jake Berry to call for more to done to tackle the ‘global threat’.

He said: “This shocking report brings these acts of terrorism very close to home, and everyone in Darwen is thankful that, despite being injured, this local mum and daughter have survived an horrendous attack.

“The government must continue to work to tackle the threat of ISIS across the world. It’s a global terrorist organisation and there is no one solution to this increased threat, which has affected families in East Lancashire.”