RESIDENTS in Chorley are being warned of a new telephone scam.

MP Lindsay Hoyle says that there has been a huge increase in ‘hoax phone calls’ relating to the recent problems with Royal Bank of Scotland bank accounts.

He says that a number of constituents have been telephoned from a company purporting to be offering government refunds for costs incurred from this week’s technical fault with RBS accounts which affected thousands of customers.

Following the discussions he has been in touch with Lancashire police and RBS asking for them to investigate the matter.

He said: "I am very worried about the way in which these criminals are targeting people up and down the country, particularly here in Lancashire, hoping to cajole bank details out of customers only to commit fraud and steal money from them.

"The main thing to remember is that you should never give your bank or personal details out of the telephone. If you are contacted and think the call is a hoax, then simply terminate the call and contact Chorley police.

"If you think that the call is genuinely from RBS but you’re unsure, then why not ask for them over put contents of the conversation in writing, to your address which they should already have on file. Do not give out your details."