PETER Pike has been re-elected as chairman of the Burnley Labour Party after more than 50 members attended their Annual General Meeting.

Rafique Malik and Lian Pate were elected as vice-chairs, with Peter Kenyon re-elected as secretary and John Fifield remaining as treasurer.

Sue Graham took the post of election agent with Mr Kenyon stepping down to act as assistant agent.

Mr Pike said: "Party members have the important task of electing a new leader and deputy leader.

"We also need to look at our policies and organisation to ensure we were in a position to win the next election. It was a good result to have taken back the local parliamentary seat but the national result had been disappointing and not what had been predicted at all.

"The result of electing a Tory government with a majority will be a major blow to all those in most need in our country and would present major problems to local councils such as Burnley and Lancashire trying to maintain and provide essential local services."