A VOCAL coach and singer from Darwen could be performing his new single at gigs across the country after catching the eye of several industry big wigs.

Paul Stuart Davies, the former frontman of popular local band The Soul Train, released a cover of Tobi Legend’s classic Northern Soul hit Time Will Pass You By this week and has already been approached by big names from the world of music.

The 32-year-old, who runs the Elite School of Music in Blackburn Road, said one of those names is Russ Winstanley, the champion of Northern Soul music.

He said: “I have been doing YouTube covers of soul tracks. This one had 15,000 views in three days so people to started to get in touch – high-profile people.

“I left The Soul Train, which headlined the Darwen Live festival last year, recently to try and do something different.

“This is looking like the direction I’m heading in.”

The track, released on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers over the weekend, could now be performed by Paul up and down the country, and could even be pressed onto vinyl. But the money from the digital release will be given to the Maria Hanson Foundation, which provides ‘special moments when time is precious for people of any age with life-threatening conditions’.

Paul said: “I did a charity single a couple of years ago with a couple of people.

“It’s close to my heart.”

Russ ran the world famous Wigan Casino in the 70s and 80s, and played Time Will Pass By You on a regular basis after discovering it.

He said: “I was sent the record (the cover), I heard it and thought it was absolutely brilliant.

“Just to hear the quality and purity in his voice left me staggered.

“We are keeping in touch and I hope Paul will sing for us at a number of events.”