LABOUR retained Chorley with the Commons' deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle gaining a majority of 4,530.

The seat has been in Labour hands since 1997

Mr Hoyle increased his majority which was 2,593 in 2010, polling 23,322 votes

The Conservative challenger Rob Loughenbury, came second with 18,792.

The Liberal Democrat candidate is Stephen Fenn, polled 1354 Votes while UKIP’s Mark Smith came third with 6995 votes.


The Green hopeful Alistair Straw polled 1111 while Independent Adrian Maudlsey lost his deposit with just 138 votes.

Going into the this general election, Chorley is the 94th most marginal constituency, the Conservatives requiring a swing from Labour of 2.6 per cent to take the seat, based on the result of the 2010 election.

The turnout was 69.1%, slightly down from 70% last time.

Mr Hoyle, said: "On a tough night for Labour Im delighted to have increased my majority and my total vote.

"I've seen a different side to this election with signs being vandalised and graffiti but he spirit between the candidates was fine."

Mr Loughenbury said he had enjoyed the campaign and meeting the people of Chorley and described the town as 'full of character'.


Lindsay Hoyle Labour 23,322
Rob Loughenbury Conservative 18,792
Mark Smith UK Independence Party 6,995
Stephen Fenn Liberal Democrat 1,354
Alistair Straw Green 1,111
Adrian Maudsley Independent 138



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