LABOUR candidate Kate Hollern has won Blackburn with an increased majority.

Defying national results she increased Jack Straw's victory margin in 2010 of 9,856 to 12,760.

UKIP polled well at 6,280 but LibDem Gordon Lishman saw his vote collapse to just 955.


Mrs Hollern said: "I'm over the moon. Blackburn has sent a message that the Tories don't work here and a message against austerity."

Tory candidate Bob Eastwood who polled 12,002 against Mrs Hollern's 24,762 wished her well representing Blackburn.

Earlier Mr Eastwood admitted he did not expect to win.

Both sent their good wishes to Liberal Democrat candidate Mr Lishman who earlier revealed he was suffering from cancer.

Lancashire Telegraph:

As the counters began to tot up the verified votes, former police chief Mr Eastwood said: "I have enjoyed the campaign and learnt a lot.

"I have spoken to a lot of people and detect a mood for change in Blackburn but we will see how that translates into votes.

"I am not expecting to win tonight.

"Gordon Lishman is an intelligent man who has fought a good campaign.

"He has my best wishes for speedy recovery. A great guy."

She said of Mr Lishman's illness: " I send Gordon all my best wishes for speedy recovery.

"He has kep me informed of his treatment. I wish him well."

Mr Lishman was the first of the Blackburn hopefuls to come to the constituency count at King George's Hall.

He exclusively told the Lancashire Telegraph: "I am the first one here and will be the first to leave.

"I have been suffering from prostate cancer and been going for treatment at Preston for seven weeks.

"The prognosis is good but I have been working half days and having a nap.

"I'll be leaving before the count and I want people to low why."


Kate Hollern Labour 24,762

Bob Eastwood Conservative 12,002

Dayle Taylor UK Independence Party 6,280

Gordon Lishman Liberal Democrat 955


MAJORITY 12,760 (29%)

TURNOUT 60.1% (43,999)


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