THE election campaign is nearly over and some of our panel of undecided voters have made up their minds but some, in-keeping with almost a third of the nation, have not.

Our panel of nine undecideds have followed every twist and turn of the campaign and are now preparing for polling day.



In a result matching the national opinion polls where the Conservatives and Labour remain neck and neck, and many people are still undecided, there is no clear winner in our representative sample.

Three have come down in favour of keeping David Cameron and the Conservatives in 10 Downing Street.

Two have plumped for Ed Miliband and Labour as the ones they want as the next prime minister and government.

The good news for the opposition leader is that lawyer Juber Deriwala, who last week intended to vote Conservative, is now not sure as his head pulls him one way and his heart the other, before the big day.

Two of our panel are still waiting to make their minds and recruitment consultant Laura Hartley has decided but is keeping it to herself.

With five marginals in East Lancashire in play, the bad news for the minor parties is they are nowhere to be seen.

Dean Simpson said: “I’m voting Conservative, I think it’s the best option for our town.

“On a national level the thought of Ed Milliband and Ed Balls running the economy and the SNP calling the shots in Westminster is very worrying.”

Ian McLean said: “I don’t think there will be a majority on Thursday. I will be voting Conservative because change is not required.”

Accrington-born Paul Rishton said: “Six weeks have flown by and I’ve made my decision, I will be voting Conservative in this year’s election.”

New voter Ikram Ul-Haq said: “I shall be voting Labour.

“I was leaning towards them, but it is their promise to cut tuition fees to £6,000 a year that was the clincher for me.”

Melissa MacFarlane said: “The idea of another coalition government really concerns me as this country needs a strong and focused leadership. I will be voting for Labour.”

Mr Deriwala said: “If we get Tories again then this would mean more cuts, however I can’t see Ed Miliband running this country. My heart tells me vote for Labour but my head says vote for the Tories.”

New voter Caitlin Jones said: “I am questioning myself about how I’m going to decide to vote but I just don’t know.”

Sue Sykora said: “I am still undecided.

“I shall be going over the notes I’ve taken carefully before Thursday.”

Laura Hartley said: “The election debates have been really interesting and thought-provoking this time round.

“Whilst it’s not been an easy decision to make who I will be voting for, I’m confident my chosen party’s policies are right for me at this time in my life.”