DEPARTING Blackburn Rovers star David Dunn has displayed an interest in politics now he is leaving Ewood Park after the weekend’s season-ending victory over Ipswich Town.

He has come out in favour of Tory candidate Bob Eastwood in Thursday’s general election.

The move has not impressed lifelong Rovers fan and Labour candidate Kate Hollern’s election agent Phil Riley.

He thinks ‘Dunny’ should have stayed in midfield rather than moved to the right wing.

Mr Dunn, 35, said: “I’m a big supporter of the local community, I am a big believer in that.

“I try and do what I can in the community to help local people, and that’s why I’m involved with various charities in the borough.

“Bob Eastwood is involved in a couple of things that I’m involved in as well and he’s a patron of the John Berry Trust, as I am, and he’s from Great Harwood and his parents still live there.

“I’m not getting into politics at all as I’m not really too fussed, although I am an avid watcher of Question Time every Thursday.

“Bob is a local guy. I think he’s very passionate, as I am, about Blackburn and the surrounding areas and I think he would be a fantastic person to have a say on what goes on around this borough. I honestly do.

“He’s not a career politician, he just wants the best for Blackburn.

“That’s why I support him ”

Mr Riley said: “David Dunn was a great player for Rovers.

“However, I think he should have stuck to the midfield on the pitch rather than moving out to the right on the political field .”