A SMALL Russian pendant given to an Accrington man 120 years ago has been valued at “at least” £5,000.

The golden medal, which also has touches of blue and red, had its historic story told during an episode of the long-running BBC programme Antiques Roadshow, which was filmed at Lowther Castle, a country house in Cumbria.


Viewers heard how it was given to John Bolton – also known as Ivan Bolton – in 1895 as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of a cotton-spinning factory in Yegoryevsk, which is around 80 miles south-west of Moscow.

Mr Bolton’s great-grandson told Antiques Roadshow expert Clive Stewart-Lockhart: “My great-grandfather was sent there by a cotton-spinning machinery manufacturer in Accrington.

“He was a mill manager there and eventually became a director.”

Mr Stewart-Lockhart said: “It’s the most fantastic pendant.

“This is a rather wonderful thing, isn’t it? And it’s made by a company called Lorie.

“I feel sure that it must be worth at least £5,000, and maybe quite a bit more. It’s a really wonderful object.”

The pendant was accompanied by a photo album containing valuable pictures from Yegoryevsk, taken in a time when photography was only accessibly to the extremely wealthy.

Mr Stewart-Lockhart said: “It’s all there telling the story. I think inside we have a picture of your great-grandfather.

“One wonders what a young man from Accrington felt when he turns up in Yegoryevsk and is confronted by the most amazing factory.

Mr Bolton said: “The mill was the centre of the whole community of Yegoryevsk. It was a one-mill town and most of the population was employed by the mill.”

Mr Steward-Lockhart valued the photo album at £3,000 to £4,000, and said: “ I’m sure this is quite rare.”