A GREAT Harwood Labour councillor has been forced to deny rumours he is canvassing for Bob Eastwood — the Conservative MP hopeful for Blackburn.

Noordad Aziz said he believes the rumour started after the pair appeared on Ummah Channel together. They later enjoyed a hot drink together.


He said: “Even though I respect him as a person, I could not support him as a parliamentary candidate as our parties and politics are very different.

“The rumours are incorrect as I support 100 per cent Kate Hollern’s bid to be elected as the next MP, and I know she would do a brilliant job and is a great candidate.

“I have never or intend to ever canvass for any other party than Labour. To make such allegation I find deeply offensive.

“I am, however, willing to talk to anyone when it comes to bringing about positive change in the areas I am passionate about. I will not change. I will listen to people with different views and ideas from mine.”