BISHOP of Blackburn Julian Henderson has urged people to use their vote in May 7’s General election.

His Easter message also hopes to see Lancashire’s Anglicans in church as well as heading to the ballot box.


Bishop Julian, head of the Church of England in the county, tells his flock: “Parliament has just been dissolved and so we find Easter falling in the five-week period of an election campaign.

“In what is possibly the most closely contested general election for many years, it is really important that we take note of the party manifestos, hear the debates, discern what lies behind all the shouting and then take our responsibility to vote on May 7 for that which will promote the ‘common good’.

“What intrigues me is an interesting contrast between an election like this and Easter.

“We choose a government, those who will rule for us and over us, by casting a vote and so we put politicians into office.”

Bishop Julian then compares the temporary power of politicians with the eternal rule of God and Jesus.

He says: “Christians believe that over and above the geographical kingdoms of this world God has revealed himself as the creator, redeemer and judge of the whole universe.

“He does not need to be, nor indeed can he be, voted in or out of office.

“Whether he is voted for, believed in and supported, makes no difference to his position.

“The supreme expression of God’s authority is his affirmation of Jesus’ sacrificial death on a cross.

“Jesus bore the judgement of God as the consequence of all the wrongdoing in the world and then God raised Jesus from the dead on that first Easter morning.

“That was God’s stamp of approval on what Jesus had achieved and Christians rightly see it as a reason for a significant celebration.

“I wish you a very Happy Easter and encourage you to attend your local church this Easter.”