PLANS for a controversial wind turbine on a farm near Bull Hill have been dropped after a public backlash.

Green energy firm Temporis Wind had submitted plans for a 77-metre tall turbine at Prospect Farm on the moors above Darwen.


But at a public meeting in September, nearby residents slammed the proposal, claiming it would be a blot on the landscape.

And bosses at the firm have now confirmed the plans have been dropped.

Project manager Sebastian Riss said: “Following objections on, among others, ecological grounds, which would require in-depth and long-term assessments, we decided to withdraw the application and are not intending to pursue a wind turbine development further at this location.”

If it had gone ahead, the turbine would have provided enough electricity to power 523 homes in Blackburn with Darwen.

And Temporis bosses had pledged a community benefit scheme that would see £3,000 invested in local projects annually as a result of the profits generated from the wind turbine.

But Cllr David Foster said the negatives significantly outweighed the positives of the development.

He said: “The vast majority of local people were against it and we are pleased that they have decided to withdraw.

“The visual impact it would have was the main concern and the effect it would have on the view of Darwen Tower.

“There were also some concerns about ecological aspects which was one of the reasons they have withdrawn it because they would have to do an ecological impact assessment.

“When we had a meeting and were told about the benefits a lot of people saw that protecting the moor was more important than a few thousand pounds for the community.

“We are hoping this will put a marker down that the amount of work they would have to do is not worthwhile for one turbine.

“Hopefully it means that future applications will be discouraged.”

This wasn’t the first time the Bull Hill area had been targeted by energy firms as a potential site for wind turbines.

A huge turbine proposed for Pleasant View Farm also caused alarm for nearby residents, but after an initial application was withdrawn, a revised proposal was turned down two years ago.