A MAN arrested for stealing a 49p bag of pork scratchings ended up being sent to prison for 112 days.

Blackburn magistrates heard that Michael Phearse McCann was in breach of an anti-social behaviour order by being in the Tesco store where he took the snack and ate them as he walked round.

And the 28 days he received for the theft activated a suspended prison sentence imposed only four days earlier.

McCann, 32, of Worcester Road, Blackburn, from Tesco and breach of an Asbo by being in a prohibited area and being drunk in a public place.

Clare Fanning, prosecuting, said the suspended sentence had been imposed on a Monday and McCann was arrested in Tesco on the Friday after stealing the pork scratchings.

Andrew Church-Taylor, defending, said his client was an alcoholic and as long as the order was in place would be at risk of breaching the condition that prohibited him from being drunk in a public place.

""He needs help rather than imprisonment and he says he wants to get away from the lifestyle he is living and the virtual oblivion he reaches," said Mr Church-Taylor.