CYCLISTS passing bin lorries in Hyndburn will now hear an audible warning if it is going to turn.

The council has become the first in Lancashire to install TurnAlarm systems across its waste collection fleet.


Every refuse and recycling vehicle will be fitted with enhanced audible and visual awareness mechanisms to indicate when they are turning left, reducing the risk of accidents involving cyclists undertaking.

Environmental issues boss Cllr Paul Cox said: “Cyclist safety is extremely important to the council and we are delighted to be the first authority in Lancashire to have this system installed across our fleet, as it will help to improve vehicle visibility and awareness for cyclists on our roads.”

The TurnAlarm functions as both an audio and visual warning to approaching cyclists.

High intensity LEDs flash from its side mounted position and a high volume speaker provides audible warning that the vehicle is turning, when the vehicle is indicating to turn left.

As an added safety measure, 360 degree cameras have also been installed to allow the drivers to see all around the vehicle.

But opposition leader Peter Britcliffe said: “If I did not know any better I would think it’s April 1.

“I am surprised this was deemed necessary and I would ask how many cyclists have been crushed in Hyndburn in the last 12 months.

“Is there a reason to do this? Is it a problem that’s getting worse?”

Almost two-thirds of cyclists killed or seriously injured are involved in collisions at junctions.

Council leader Miles Parkinson said: “This is something that is an additional improvement to health and safety.

“It will make cyclists clearly aware that the vehicles are going to turn and it will clamp down on spurious claims against the council.

“It’s all about health and safety and we are one of the first in the country.”