SIGHTINGS of two UFOs hovering above Pendle Hill over the weekend have been reported to police.

Officers in the area of Pendle Hill were asked to check out the report, after a call came in to Colne and West Craven police from a man saying that he could see two UFOs hovering around 3,000ft up above the hill.

However when officers looked to the sky nothing could be seen.


A spokesman for the police said: “We received a call from a man in Clitheroe at 8.32pm on Saturday night saying that he had been watching two UFOs hovering about 3,000ft up at Pendle Hill.

“He described it as looking like multicoloured disco balls.

“We had officers already in the area so we asked them if they could take a look, but they didn’t spot anything unusual.”

Police took to social media site Facebook to inform people about the sightings posting “Photos may have to wait.... reports of UFOs above Pendle Hill!”

After a number of jokey comments were made on the post by members of the public Sgt Kim DeCurtis said: “Genuine report from member of public, needless to say we didn’t see any UFOs...although it was 1995 when I set off, what year is it now?”

Residents also took to Facebook to try and explain the strange sightings with some suggesting it was Venus.

But Burnley astronomer Adam Whittaker, said it was more likely that the so-called UFO sightings at this time of year are people catching glimpses of planet Jupiter.

Adam, who runs social enterprise Source Science said: “At this time of year Jupiter is particularly visible and would appear to look to us like a small red disk.

“Venus can also be seen particularly well during March but it is usually seen about an hour after sunset, so I think that it was more likely to be Jupiter that was seen.”

Another possible explanation has been attributed to a rare cloud phenomenon which had been spotted across the North West this weekend.

The altocumulus standing lenticularis clouds, which form usual lens shapes, are caused by winds and air bouncing upwards over mountains, then condensing.

They are mostly seen near large mountainous areas such as the Himalayas and Rocky Mountains.

Another astrological phenomenon is set to happen at the end of the month when a partial solar eclipse will be visible from across UK.

The spectacular event is set to start 8.45am on Friday March 20 with the eclipse reaching its fullest at 9.31am.