COUNCIL contractors were branded stupid after road markings aimed at stopping parking were painted across a junction.

Blackburn with Darwen Council workmen were supposed to paint an H bar across back alleys in Industry Street, Darwen, in a bid to end parking woes for nearby residents.

Instead, it was painted across the junction of Newton Street and Industry Street.


Sudell councillor Roy Davies said he had contacted the council after receiving numerous complaints from residents about parking in Industry Street.

He said: “The residents have been complaining of illegal parking in Industry Street so I have been banging on about it for a while.

“People park on double yellow lines all the time.

“So I got the guy who is in charge of parking to have a look.

“But he said there was no money as far as safety measures were concerned.

“He said he would put H bars down over the alleys and he said he would tell the traffic wardens to come round here as well.

“But he said he had no money to do anything constructive.

“The lines have been put in the wrong place. I cannot believe the stupidity of it.

“They keep saying we cannot afford to do things but they will need more money to burn this paint off and redo it.”

A council spokesman said: “We are aware of this marking made by a lining contractor.

“And we have now arranged for the markings to be repainted in the correct location on Tuesday.”

Access protection markings — known as H bars — are placed on the road where the kerb has been lowered, usually outside a driveway or pedestrian crossing, to highlight that parking will cause obstructions.

The markings are advisory and enforcement on them cannot be carried out by traffic wardens.