EAST Lancashire folk are well-known for their generosity but last weekend dozens of families demonstrated just how caring they are by adopting ex-battery hens.

The Lancashire branch of the British Hen Welfare Trust held a special rehoming day on Sunday and more than 100 battery hens were saved from the slaughterhouse by animal lovers.

Potential adopters visited a secret farm location in Haslingden.

The charity is supported by many famous chefs and Edenfield’s Coronation Street star Antony Cotton is a patron.

The charity said without rehoming projects like this the birds would certainly become dog food or soup.

The charity said it was thrilled so many people wanted to help.

One adopter Antony Wiggans took home some chickens for his allotment. He said he now plans to donate any eggs laid by the hens to Accrington’s homeless charity Maundy Relief.

What a great example of community spirit.

As well as giving distressed animals an improved way of life, this man is also going to help people in need with food.

If we all tried to follow this example of kindness the world would be a better place.