AN Edenfield animal charity has been left counting the cost of vandalism after yobs again smashed windows at its shop.

It is believed the two windows at the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary shop, in Bridge Street, Ramsbottom, will cost upwards of £1,200 to replace — a hefty bill for a charity reliant on public donations.


Manageress Diane Riley spoke of her anger at the vandalism, which came around two years after a window was last smashed.

She said: “You can’t print what I think about the person who has done this. This has wiped us out.

“Not that long ago, another animal charity was targeted in a similar situation.

“We need to make people aware that this is going on, whether it’s drink-related or otherwise.”

The thoughtless act was reported to police on Saturday morning, and the charity’s insurance firm was also alerted.

Workmen were due to go to the shop, which sells a range of products to the public in order to fund its work in caring for animals, to secure the broken windows over the weekend.

Ramsbottom councillor, Robert Hodkinson, said his business on Bridge Street has also been targeted in the past. He said: “It’s just mindless vandalism. Thankfully we don’t get as much as we did eight or 10 years ago because we have fewer pubs, which has helped, and the landlords are very good.

“It costs a lot of money to replace the glass and it increases insurance premiums as a result of making a claim, and on a charity it’s even worse because they’re all volunteers.

“It’s one or two individuals that seem to think this is acceptable behaviour.”

In 2012, a vandal caused thousands of pounds of damage to shops and homes.

Around 12 shops and houses had their windows damaged in the early hours of the morning, including Bleakholt’s shop.

Diane said: “It is incredibly disappointing as we are a charity, and we run this on a voluntary basis and all the money goes towards the sanctuary, it basically means that everything we did in the shop for a couple of days last week was all pointless as the money will now go on this.”

The vandalism has been reported to police, who said they have now launched an investigation.