A TAKEAWAY delivery man missed his brother’s wedding after he was savaged by two dogs as he dropped off a £10 pizza order.

Farhan Cheema, 28, suffered horrific injuries to his right arm and leg during the attack in Rothesay Road, Shadsworth, Blackburn.


Last night, Mr Cheema was recovering at home after a four-hour operation following the incident in the early hours of Saturday.

Police are investigating after Mr Cheema said he was set upon by two pitbull-type dogs.

The animals remained with their owners over the weekend and are due to be assessed by police dog experts this week.

Mr Cheema, who lives in Cedar Court, Bastwell, with his wife Sumra, was left with deep puncture wounds to his right bicep and elbow, along with cuts to his lower right leg.

The Lancashire Telegraph has seen pictures of the injuries, most of which are too distressing to print.

He said: “I won’t be returning to my job after this. I don’t want to risk it happening again. The whole thing probably only lasted three to five minutes but it felt like hours.”

Mr Cheema, who works for Whalley New Road takeaway Dial A Curry, was attacked at around 1.40am on Saturday, police confirmed.

His brother, Zeeshan, who got married on Saturday, said: “It couldn’t have come at a worse time. Farhan and another brother who was with him in hospital both missed my wedding.

“He’s going to need a skin graft. There is long-term damage. The surgeons said the dogs have completely cut one of his nerves and that he is lucky it wasn’t a more vital one.”

Mr Cheema said the dogs had initially been shut in a room while the customer answered the door, before coming out once the food had been handed over, but not paid for.

He said: “When the woman opened the door, the dogs came out of a side room and attacked me in front of the house.

“One of the dogs bit my leg and tried to drag me down. I fell and bumped my head. The other dog attacked my neck and then got my arm when I raised it in defence and bit my wrist.”

Zeeshan added: “That’s when they cut the nerve. They have taken a piece of meat from his bicep. Some people on the street tried to pull the dogs off him and rang the police.

“When I arrived he was in an ambulance and we went to Blackburn but got transferred to Preston. When the doctors took his bandages off, I couldn’t believe it. There are holes in his arm.”

Mr Cheema said he was disappointed with the speed of the police investigation.

A police spokesman said: “Our enquiries are ongoing.We have had no confirmation about which breed the dogs are.

“Officers have been to see the man in hospital but he was in theatre at the time. A statement will be taken when he is ready and the dogs have been earmarked for a visit from the dog patrols.”

No-one has been arrested.