PUPILS at a Barrowford school welcomed an usual classmate this week in the form of a four-legged friend called Moses.

Children from Barrowford St Thomas Primary School were taking part in a special workshop aimed at teaching children how to behave around dogs.


The event was organised by canine mad Shirley King who set up Canine Education and Training.

She works with schools and other children’s organisations across Lancashire to raise awareness of dog behaviour, understanding their body language and natural instincts, how to defuse a dangerous situation if one arises, and how to live safely in the home with a pet dog.

Shirley said: “This is a new adventure and one I feel is well overdue.

“Our children need to be taught how to be safe around dogs, as they are also the dog owners of the future, and we want them to grow up having a better understanding of how a dog thinks and behaves.”

She launched the idea a year ago and in one month delivered the programme to 1,100 children. Head teacher Michelle Wright said: “We were sent an email about the workshops, we thought that it was a really important part of their education, given the rise in dog attacks in recent years.

“The children really enjoyed the sessions. It has helped to increase their confidence and made them aware of signs of dog aggression and how they would deal with an aggressive dog. Some children had been quite nervous around dogs but Moses was really good and helped to build their confidence.”The project is is delivered at no cost to the school, but they are asked to do some fundraising, which the organisation is able to help organise and set up.

Every pupil that they speak to receives important information about living safely with the dogs to take home.