A DAD-of-three who was injured after being hit by a car is calling for the ‘perilous’ state of the pavements in Clitheroe to be addressed after falling over in the town centre.

Ged Mirfin, who suffered a broken leg when he was hit by a car in Billington in November, said that the deplorable state of the crumbling pavements in the town should be fixed by Lancashire County Council.


Coun Mirfin, who is a member of Ribble Valley Borough Council, is set to undergo surgery on his ankle following the fall this week.

He was airlifted to hospital after being hit by the car while he was walking his son to school and still walks with the aid of a crutch and wears a pressure boot.

His calls have been echoed by fellow councillor Kevin Horkin who has said that the situation has gone down hill in the last six months.

The councillors, who are both members of the Clitheroe Town Action Group, have called on Lancashire County Councillor John Fillis, the cabinet member for highways and transport, to visit the town to make a judgement for himself.

Coun Mirfin said: “Being heavily reliant on aids to assist me in walking has made me particularly sensitive to the huge problems that confront residents and visitors with long-term disabilities when negotiating the already weather beaten and severely pockmarked surface.

“We haven’t had any serious frost or snow during the Christmas and New Year period which would frankly have made the situation absolutely hazardous.

“It raises a number of questions about the level of insurance coverge required for town centre events like the Clitheroe Food Festival.

“Given the potential number of insurance claims we are likely to face I feel we need to do something sooner rather than later.”

Coun Horkin said: “The state of the pavements is an absolute utter disgrace.

“The situation is far worse than it was six months ago when cosmetic repairs were carried out filling in cracks with ubiquitous black-top tarmac.

“C-TAG lobbied hard last year for an improvement scheme and we were promised that a long-term improvement scheme would be delivered within a reasonable time frame.

“The problem is that nothing seems to have happened. We are concerned about the unacceptable blockages and delays that are happening at county hall.

“We need to establish what is going on and deliver the scheme before someone gets seriously injured.

“Ribble Valley Borough Council has already pledged a six figure sum to match fund any money that Lancashire County Council puts in. At this rate it is unlikely that this money will be able to be spent because of inaction at county level.”