A VIDEO of a mysterious ‘ghost’ allegedly captured on a road going out of Blackburn is causing an internet sensation.

Two men filmed the alleged spectre from inside their car, and can be heard talking about the ghoulish figure as it approaches.


Filmed on a country road leading towards Belmont, the figure dressed in white comes towards the car before disappearing into bushes at the side of the road.

The frightened passenger can be heard screaming in Arabic.

He shouts: “Move the car backwards. Faster! Faster!”

Since it was posted online, the video has been shared thousands of times on social media and racked up thousands of views on the Lancashire Telegraph website.

While most people sharing the video have said they don’t believe it is actually a phantom, viewers have enjoyed watching the terrified men being chased off by what appears to be a prankster.

Jessica Millington said: “Even though I don’t think that it’s real, it’s still creeped me out a little bit!

“I wouldn’t want to be followed by something looking like that whether it was real or not!”

And Emma Marsden said: “I think the video’s hilarious, what more do you want from a clip than a ‘ghost’ with a walking stick chasing a car?

“I don’t know what would be more scary, actually seeing a ghost or encountering a stranger wearing a bed sheet carrying a walking stick.

“It’s not like a ghost could clobber you over the head with a stick, but I’m pretty sure a weirdo who roams around long grass alone at night wouldn’t hesitate.

“The video is clearly a stunt, and if anyone actually believes it they either need to stop thinking paranormal activity’s real or get their eyes tested.”

Another viewer, Paul Machaj, said: “I’m not being funny, but if they thought it was a ghost then why didn’t they just drive right through it?

“That would also have solved the ‘hoax’ question once and for all!”