A DOG waste bin at a Hyndburn nature reserve was left overflowing for weeks, according to a pet owner.

Carriers bags filled with faeces have been pictured lying on top of and beside a red bin at the Jackhouse Nature Reserve in Oswaldtwistle.


Local man Alan Brindle, 65, said he reported the mess to Hyndburn Council twice before Christmas, and said the bin is “so full, people are leaving their bags beside it”.

After the Lancashire Telegraph intervened, the council emptied the bin and blamed parked cars for preventing waste crews from getting access to the bin. Mr Brindle lives 200 yards from the reserve and uses it twice a day to walk his dog.

He took a picture of the mess on Monday, asking the Lancashire Telegraph to step in.

He said: “I complained the week before Christmas. They said somebody would ring me back but nobody did.

“I have complained in the past, and they take weeks to empty the bin. I am not the only person who has complained either.

“It’s disgusting. People walk around the reserve and have nowhere to put their bags.”

Chairman of the reserve’s Friends group, Andrew Libberton, said: “The council is very good, in fact exceptionally good, and I have not noticed a problem.

“I’m not refuting what has been said and I’m sure Mr Brindle found the bin in need of emptying, but this is not something we are plagued with.”

Oswaldtwistle’s Conservative councillor Peter Britcliffe said: “This service needs to get its act together and make sure these bins are emptied.

“They should never get in this state in the first place. There’s certainly a lot of litter about generally in Hyndburn. We have to keep on top of this.”

The nature reserve could be taken over by a local community group after councillors conducting a land review in the area recommended it be “disposed of”. Ownership will only be transferred to a group that would “keep and enhance” the nature reserve, documents show.

The Friends of Jackhouse Nature Reserve group, set up in 2012, is believed to be forerunner, although talks have yet to begin.

The nature reserve once housed two of Oswaldtwistle’s three reservoirs, back when the town had its own district council.

When the reservoirs were closed, the area, known as Cocker Cobbs, was turned into the Jackhouse Nature Reserve.

Coun Paul Cox, deputy council leader and environmental services chief said: “The nature reserve is a popular spot for visitors with many people visiting it over the festive season.

“Unfortunately, this meant that our crews weren’t able to access the site to empty the bin as normal due to the additional numbers of parked vehicles there. “I’ve asked officers to look into adding a second bin at the same location to provide extra capacity in case this happens again during busy periods.”