COUNCILLORS are demanding that enforcement action is taken against an ‘eyesore’ farm.

An urgent resolution passed at Pendle’s executive meeting called for enforcement action to be speeded up against the owner of Hubbs House Farm, Colne.


The meeting heard the Southfield Lane farm has been attracting complaints for a number of years because of waste being dumped and fires being set.

Councillors decided action needs to be taken to improve the site, and council chief executive Stephen Barnes said he would contact Lancashire County Council and the Environment Agency, which could take enforcement actions against the farm.

Councillor Tony Greaves, of Waterside ward, said: “There have been problems at the farm for years, it is an eyesore. Last year an emergency closure order was served because there were fears that milk pasteurising equipment was covered with slurry. The main problem at the moment has been that a large quantity of rubbish has been dumped on land on the farm and further up without planning permission.

“There have also been regular fires set, which is not only using the fire service’s vital time but is also worrying as we don’t know what materials are being burned.

“Pendle council does not have the authority to deal with the problems but we are pressing for Lancashire County Council and the Environment Agency to take swift action.”

A spokesman for Pendle Council said: “Councillors passed an urgent resolution in a bid to sort out serious issues at Hubbs House Farm in Colne, most of which fall outside our jurisdiction. They include unlawful occupation of caravans, lighting fires and dumping waste.

“It was agreed that updates on this problem farm will be submitted to every meeting of the Colne and District Committee until the site is tidied up and unlawful activities have ceased.”

Chris Jameson, of the Environment Agency, said: “We are aware of issues with burning waste at Hubbs House Farm off Knott Lane, Colne and understand the impact this has on the local community.

“We have taken enforcement action and have carried out a thorough investigation in partnership with the fire service and Pendle Borough Council. We are assessing what further enforcement action we will take.”

Jonathan Haine, Lancashire County Council principal planning officer, said: “We have visited a number of sites in the vicinity of Hubbs House Farm to investigate complaints about illegal tipping and burning of waste and to assess the resulting environmental impact.

“We have written to the landowner requesting that any tipping and burning of waste stop immediately and giving timescales for clean-up of the sites within a month.”

We will visit the sites again shortly to see if appropriate action has been taken and consider further enforcement if necessary to ensure the removal of the waste.”

No-one at Hubbs House Farm was available for comment at the farm.