BOROUGH workers have finally cleared a Blackburn street of piles of rubbish after two weeks of complaints following the intervention of the Lancashire Telegraph.

Residents of Exeter Street, Ewood, started complaining at the end of last month as a mound of mattresses, bags of household waste, wood, rubble and other discarded items began piling up in their back alleys.


But Blackburn with Darwen council failed to respond to their concerns and on Monday resident Peter Harrison contacted the Telegraph which rang the Town Hall.

By Tuesday evening, staff had been to the two intersecting alleys and cleared the fly-tipped rubbish.

Mr Harrison, 72, thanked the Telegraph for its intervention. Borough Tory group leader Mike Lee said it was ‘appalling’ that the paper had to intervene to ensure the residents complaints were acted upon.

Mr Harrison said: “We have had a persistent problem with flytipping round here. Two weeks ago a mound of rubbish had piled up in the alleyways.

“It included mattresses, bags of household waste, wood, rubble and all sorts of other items.

“It was a real mess and a health hazard. There was food waste there and rats were nosing around.

“We started ringing the council two weeks ago to ask them to come and clear it.

“My neighbour Marjorie Bradshaw rang them every day but noting in happened.

“I’d like to thank the Lancashire Telegraph on behalf of the street’s residents for getting something done about this. We want the council to keep an eye on the situation and respond to our appeals if fly-tipping happens again.”

Council Environment boss Jim Smith said: “We have cleared the rubbish following reports from residents and are investigating with a view to prosecuting those responsible.

“Those who choose flytipping, instead of disposing of rubbish in the correct and legal manner, are a blight on our community.” and we work tirelessly to ensure those that break the law in this way face the consequences.”

Coun Lee said: “It is appalling that the Lancashire Telegraph has to contact the council to get something done but I am grateful their intervention got the alleys cleared.

“The council is always talking about getting people involved through its ‘Your Call’ initiative and asking people to contact them.

“There is no point in them doing so if the borough does not respond.

“The delay not only angers residents but makes it more difficult to catch the culprits.”