A STUNT man from Blackburn has performed the world’s first ‘Globe of Death’ sword swallowing feat.

Johnny Strange, 25, swallowed a sword inside a spherical mesh ball, with a motorcyclist looping vertically and horizontally around him.


Stunt rider Vesko Lesev rode his motorcycle at speeds of more than 40mph as Johnny Strange swallowed a 17-inch solid steel blade in the cramped five-meter cage.

The pair staged the stunt at Brussels Tattoo Convention, in Belgium, to mark the last leg of Johnny’s European tour.

He said: “I have been performing sword swallowing for a few years now, it took me three years of practice to learn and is extremely dangerous to do. Lesev is great rider, the skill he shows in the Globe of Death fascinates me, but teaming up was still no easy decision to make.

"There is a lot of trust needed on both parties as one false move could have had devastating consequences for either of us.”

Johnny, has perfected dozens of dangerous stunts and spent the last few years performing all over Europe.

Lancashire Telegraph:

His exploits have already bagged several slots in the new Guinness Book of Records, including ‘the most apples held in own mouth and chainsawed in one minute’, ‘the most animal traps released on the body in one minute’ and ‘the heaviest weight lifted by pierced ears’, after lifting a 14.9kg barrel.

He told the Lancashire Telegraph earlier this year: “I started juggling when I was at school, and progressed from balls, to knives and fire, and chainsaws.

“It was just for fun at first but then I was thinking I could make a career out of it, and now it’s my full-time job.

“I’ve been performing since 2009 and do a lot of shows in London and Europe, at things like festivals, weddings and charity events. It’s not the ideal career path, but my family have always been really supportive.”