A HELICOPTER, six police cars and patrol dogs were involved in a major hunt for two burglars who broke into a shed in Pendle.

The dramatic scenes unfolded around Leyland Close, Trawden, but the intruders managed to escape empty-handed.


The incident sparked a frenzy on social media sites with users describing it as like an action film. Rumours were also rife that the men were armed.

Yesterday, police confirmed that the two white men, who were interrupted by the owners of the shed while they attempted to steal goods, were not armed. The men are still on the loose.

Police said a father and son spotted the offenders and chased them off while another family member raised the alarm.

The thieves got into a Suzuki Jeep but could not start the engine before the victims had caught up with them. Failing to start their getaway car, the two men abandoned it completely and fled on foot.

The key was left in the ignition and, while it is not thought the jeep was stolen, police found a number of stolen goods in the boot.

Sgt Kim De Curtis, from Colne Police, said: “There were power tools and things of that nature and we have been able to return some of it to the owners.

“There has been a number of vehicle and shed break-ins in the area recently and, although we can’t confirm it at this stage, we believe that this incident may be linked to those burglaries.

"Nobody was harmed in this incident and we have a number of very good lines of enquiry now open. We aim to bring these offenders to justice. If anyone has any information, we would urge them to contact the police on 101.” The police helicopter circled the village and, according to witnesses, shone its spotlight on areas around Skipton Road.

Police teams were also seen searching an area at the back of Penyard Ltd, Trawden School and the woods across from the caravan park. Some officers were using sniffer dogs to try to track them down.

Hundreds of Facebook posts described the incident on Tuesday at around 9.10pm.

Amanda Labrador Cunningham said: “LAPD ain't got nothing on Lancashire Constabulary! It's like something out of the film Hot Fuzz!”

Michelle Mcleister Carroll said: “Police where on foot looking in the wooded area opposite the caravan park in Trawden with the chopper overhead – must be on to someone hopefully.”

And Flanjalina John Chatterley posted: “There's cars everywhere. Unmarked too. I've seen three go past while I've been doing my nosey neighbour bit.”

Coun Sarah Cockburn-Price, for Bouldsworth said: “It was very dramatic. It is just not a common occurrence for Trawden and that’s why there were hundreds of people taking to social media.

“It sounds like a lot of stolen goods were recovered and have been given back to their owners and that’s great.”