HOMELESS charities benefited to the tune of more than £700 from Year 7 pupils sleeping over at school.

The pupils at Stacksteads’ Fearns Community Sports College spent the night in the arts theatre in sleeping bags and were sponsored to raise money for Crisis and Shelter.

Key Stage 3 achievement leader Charlotte Walsh said: “We had 55 of our Year 7s taking part in our Hallowe’en themed sleepover.

“The annual fundraiser has been going more than 15 years and is a good way for the new pupils at school to get to know each other and their form tutors better, as well as to raise money for charity.

“Much of the event is targeted at encouraging teamwork skills and pupils took part in a variety of activities including making marshmallow sculptures and wrapping the mummy.”

Pupils were invited to come in fancy dress and to carve their own pumpkin lanterns and bring them along on the night to be judged.

Mrs Walsh said: “They were served soup and got to experience a little of what it can be like to be homeless. It is all too easy to take for granted what we have.”