A DOG-OWNER says he was ‘savaged’ by two pitbull-type dogs as he walked his Collie close to his home in Church.

Jason McCabe said he felt that his life was in danger when he tried to protect his pet, 13-year-old Simba, from the jaws of the two attacking animals.


He describes the dogs as ‘stocky and muscular’ pitbull or staffy type dogs and said that they were not on a lead when the encounter near St James Street took place on Sunday. The 43-year-old was walking Simba toward the canal at teatime on Saturday when the dogs attacked.

He said: “My dog is getting on a bit and these two pitbulls just started attacking her. I put my hands over her throat because I was worried they were going to bite her neck and kill her. My hands are a mess, they just completely savaged them. I put my life at risk to save my dog.”

Jason said he was terrified by the experience and has reported the incident to the police and had to go to Accrington Victoria for his injuries.

The owner of the two dogs is believed to be on holiday and it was a family member that was walking the dogs along the canal. They have apologised to Jason and offered to help him, but Jason thinks that action needs to be taken against the ‘vicious’ dogs.

He said: “We need to stop it happening to another dog or a child. They were off the lead with no muzzles.”

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Constabulary confirmed that police had received a report of the incident.