A PUNK band from Blackburn has announced that it will work with the former producer of iconic grunge band Nirvana for its upcoming fourth studio album.

The news from Medusa, which was formed by former QEGS student Julian Molinero in 1998, comes just days after the launch of their third album, Headcase’s Handbook.


The band, who are now based in London, worked alongside Lee Batiuk who has scored UK top ten releases with the likes of Deaf Havana, but will now join up with Steve Albini.

Albini produced Nirvana’s In Utero album in 1993 which went on to sell 15m copies worldwide.

The US group’s singer and songwriter Kurt Cobain, who wrote one of their biggest hits Smells Like Teen Spirit, killed himself in 1994 at the age of 27.

For the three-piece’s latest album, the band, which also include Milo De Mack and Stephen Hale, travelled to Wisbech in Cambridgeshire for recordings, staying in tents 50 minutes walk away.

Their first studio release was in 2006, and was recorded at The Grand in Clitheroe, with their second coming in 2011.

Mudesa hit the headlines in 2007 after making off with Russell Brand’s garden gnome.

The comedian and TV star had previously promised to help secure a record deal for the band but dropped his plans after the incident.

Described as a punk concept album by lead singer and guitarist Julian, 30, the album is being given away as a free download on their website.

Julian, who also attended Blackburn College, said: “I formed the band with two of my mates when we were 14 at school.

“We played our first gig in Blackburn two years later but we were so bad we got the plug pulled on us after only two numbers.

“It was certainly an experience working with Lee on this album and we are looking forward to joining with Steve for the next one.

“This album has a different feel to the other ones and is more commercial but that tone is expected to change for the fourth album.”

The band signed with independent label Cyberpunk Records in 2010.