THREE 74-metre tall wind turbines could be erected on land near Hoddlesden after a planning application was submitted.

Green energy firm Viridis has submitted the proposal to Blackburn with Darwen Council for Hoddlesden Moss.


The ‘wind energy converters’ would have a tip height of ‘up to 74m with three blades of up to 24m each, a hub height of 50m and associated infrastructure’.

According to documents submitted by Viridis, the nearest residential property would be 446 metres away. Access to the proposed turbines would be off Broadhead Road on a newly constructed floating track access route.

Viridis said: “The proposed installation of three individual wind energy converters on Hoddlesden Moss would be a significant contribution to regional and national targets for renewable energy generation.

"Each wind energy converter alone will save more than 28,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions over its expected 25- year life. This reduction and saving in emissions from a project such as this are significant.

"The renewable proposal presented is sustainable and the benefits of development outweigh any potential impact and it should be granted approval.”

East Rural councillor Julie Slater said she was against the proposal and urged concerned residents to submit their objections.

She said: “There are already four more going up on Oswaldtwistle Moor taking that wind farm up to 16. Since they put those turbines in, the wildlife from that side has started coming over here and if we get turbines here they will go.

“There are environmental concerns and there are other issues such as the height and the view. The ones in Hyndburn are visible from our side so at 74m people will be able to see these from far away.”

People have until November 10 to submit their comments and the application number is 10/14/1117.