DRINKS such as dandelion and burdock, blood tonic and sarsaparilla reached the height of popularity during the Temperance Movement of the mid-19th century.

And today, the enduring flavours have been adapted for people trying a healthier way to indulge their nicotine cravings.


Darwen e-cigarette firm Liberty Flights has launched an innovative range of new flavoured liquid for its customers.

The Temperance Range features five flavours sold at the height of the movement, which began in Lancashire in 1835 during the Industrial Revolution in response to the widespread alcoholism of the time.

As well as those listed above, the flavours used are sour cherry and hibiscus and lemon and ginger, and were launched last week at the last remaining Temperance bar, Fitzpatrick’s Temperance Bar and Emporium in Rawtenstall.

Back in the day, families signed ‘pledges’ to officially commit themselves to the cause. And bosses at Liberty Flights said they wanted to take the essence of the movement and apply it to smokers, offering them an alternative to cigarettes. Smokers will be able to either sign a pledge that comes with the e-liquids or online at the Liberty Flights website.

Matthew Moden, director at Liberty Flights, said: “After months of hard work researching and developing the e-liquids, we are immensely proud of our Temperance Range.

“We hope we have captured the iconic and exciting flavours that characterised the movement and, moreover, that we can get people to pledge to give up smoking this Stoptober.”

l It isn’t the first time the company has tried something different.

During the World Cup in Brazil, the firm launched a special Caipirinha cocktail flavour in a nod to the tournament’s home nation.