PLANS to build a wind turbine at an Oswaldtwistle farm have been met with anger.

Huddersfield firm dc21group has lodged a planning application for a 50 metre structure at Duckworth Hill Farm.

Several locals have objected, as has the Coal Authority, which said the proposed site could feature old mine shafts, fissures, and break lines.


Planning liaison manager James Morris said: “The Coal Authority records indicate that within the application site and surrounding area, there are coal mining features and hazards which should be considered as part of development proposals.”

Ten residents, from Sunnybank Drive, New Lane, Brown High Bank, Margaret Street and Green Farm also objected. They told the council they was concerned about a variety of potential issues, including the impact any development would have on local wildlife bats, road safety, and noise.

Paul Robinson said: “We are downwind of the proposed turbine and are worried about the noise. We also have, for the last ten years we have lived here, nesting bats. They can be seen here any night at sundown. We are worried about the effect the turbine and associated noise will have on the bats and wildlife.”

And John Rawnsley said: “The proposed turbine would be sited close to a main road with a dangerous double bend. The distraction this would cause to drivers and the resulting potential to cause accidents should be considered.

“Also the road, just before the bend, would be subject to shadow flicker, further distracting drivers as they approach a dangerous bend with hidden access roads, bridleways, and footpaths along the route.”

In a design and access statement, dc21 said: “The turbine integrates well into the landscape.

“Any impacts on residential and recreational amenity will be minimal and crucially, the project will not present any significant risks to biodiversity or sensitive ecological features either on site, or within the surrounding area.

“We feel the proposal will not have any negative effect on the local landscape due to the construction, design, materials, and finishes.”