AN award-winning children’s author has become the writer in residence at a Rossendale school.

Tommy Donbavand, who has penned scores of humorous and scary books for seven to 11-year-olds, will be holding creative writing workshops for pupils and visitors at Water Primary School.

He said: “I’m very proud to say I will be working with pupils monthly to perfect their creative writing, poetry and comic script skills, with a view to creating an eBook of stories for the entire community to download and enjoy.

“I began my tenure at the school’s open day, where I be provided fast story starters, quick character creation techniques, and offered advice on how to get published to anyone, young or old.

“Everyone who came along to say ‘hello' was entered into two separate draws.

“One will be to win a signed 13-book set of my Scream Street books, which are also currently in production as a TV series, and, best of all, the other is for them to become a character in one of my future books.

“People nominated their own name, or the name of a family member or friend. Either way, someone will appear as a major character in a published book, and will receive a signed copy of the book to show off as soon as it is released.”

Mr Donvaband said: “It’s been a really fantastic day. The children did spooky writing with me and came up with a were-octopus and a killer pufferfish.”

Year 1 teacher Debbie Holdsworth said: “It’s been a really great day and has been very encouraging for the children, right through from Reception to Year 6, who came up with fantastic stories and storyboards. We’re really looking forward to having him back.”