THE spotlight will be shone on one of the world's most famous and unexplained UFO cases in Todmorden next month.

Former West Yorkshire police officer Alan Godfrey is giving a rare talk about his experience in November 1980 when he says he saw a diamond shaped UFO hovering above Burnley Road.

The retired policeman, who was on duty responding to reports of a herd of cows disappearing from a farmer's field, says the object caused his police car and radio to stop working.

He experienced what alleged alien abductees call 'missing time' where he couldn't account for around 30 minutes. The next day, three other police officers reported seeing strange lights at the time of Godfrey's experience.

He will recount his story in aid of the mayor's charity at The Hippodrome Theatre, in Todmorden, on Saturday October 18, at 7.30pm. Tickets, which are available from the theatre or at Todmorden Information Centre, cost £10 and include a hot supper.