A MAN was warned to stop driving by other road users after his car caught fire.

The man in his 20’s was driving between Burnley and Bacup when he realised other drivers were flashing their lights at him.

The motorist stopped his vehicle in a built up part of the A671 close to York Street in Bacup and retreated to a safe distance when he realised the engine of his Vauxhall Insignia was on fire.

A fire crew from Bacup extinguished the fire after calls from nearby homes.

Watch Manager at Bacup Fire Station Damian Hartley said: “He was driving toward Weir in Bacup when other drivers began flashing their headlights at him and he started to realise something wasn’t quite right and pulled over.

“Another driver pulled alongside and told him his car was on fire. He had stopped in a residential area which was quite built up and a woman in a nearby house called us when she saw the smoke.

“He was near other cars but the fire was confined to the engine.”