RESIDENTS in a Trawden street are so fed up with speeding motorists, they are putting pressure on the county council to rethink the speed limit.

Hollin Hall residents say they have experienced an increase in traffic flow since the Float’s Mill development was finished, and cars are often speeding down the road at over 60mph.

Derek Howard, who lives in Hollin Hall, handed in a 500-name petition to county hall bosses but was told that the answer would be ‘no’.

Now the residents are asking for speed humps and signs to be installed on the street and are appealing for the decision to be overturned. Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson has spoken in support of the petition and said that he too believes that the speed limit in the street should be reduced.

Mr Stephenson said: “I absolutely support the residents on this one and I completely understand why they feel that they have been abandoned by Lancashire County Council.

“There was a policy in place for all residential streets in Lancashire to be turned into 20mph zones but since control of the council changed in 2013, the policy has been abandoned. Speeding is a problem in the street and they are trying to make the change before there is a serious accident and someone is killed.”

County Coun John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We need to ensure the money we have is targeted at reducing the number and severity of casualties across the county.

“We’ve examined the casualty records supplied to us by the police for Hollin Hall and Lanehouse in the last five years and the records show that there have been no accidents resulting in serious injuries and one resulting in a slight injury.

“Based on this information, it is not proposed at present to consider Hollin Hall or Lanehouse for 20mph speed limits.

“We will, however, conduct a speed survey on Hollin Hall and Lanehouse and review the signing to see if anything can be done to reinforce to drivers the need to drive at an appropriate speed.”