A FIVE-year-old boy was left screaming in pain in the street after being hit by a car.

Little Faris Sheikh was playing close to his grandparents’ Blackburn home with a group of friends when he was struck by a silver or grey vehicle around 8pm on Wednesday.


The driver stopped the car briefly in Whitewell Place, Bastwell, but drove away from the scene without leaving any details or offering to help, police said.

Officers investigating the incident are now urging anyone who saw the driver, an Asian woman wearing a burkha, or know who was responsible to contact them.

Westholme pupil Faris, who lives in Cavendish Road, Blackburn, with his parents and sister was being supervised by his uncle when the incident happened.

He was found crying hysterically in the street with tyre marks down his right leg by his mother Haseena Hamid.

The 32-year-old said: “The children were having a water-fight outside, and my brother came running in.

“Then the next minute I came out and saw his leg and it was exploding with bruising.

“I thought I’m not ringing an ambulance, I’m taking him straight to the hospital. I knew they were going to say it was broken.

“He was hysterical, he just said ‘leg’, ‘leg’, ‘leg’, and all I could see was bruising, and it was swelling up.

“He’s never been like that before, he’s a happy child, he never cries.”

The youngster was kept in the Royal Blackburn Hospital overnight, as his leg continued to swell.

He will now be in plaster for at least the next four weeks, but potentially the whole of the school summer holidays.

His family have now urged the driver to come forward.

Faris’ grandmother Mumtaz Hamid, 59, said: “She should come forward, she should have come over here when it happened.

“Accidents happen, but she should have come to my house and said she was sorry, and said let’s take him to the hospital.

“If I had done that I would have come and apologised.

“She had covered her face like a holy person, but if you are a holy person you don’t run away like that.”

Haseena added: “It’s nasty, I just can’t believe that she’s done it, that she’s gone and had the audacity to do it.

“At the time I didn’t have time to think about it, I just picked him up and took him to hospital, but now I’m really angry.

“If she’d stopped I wouldn’t be angry.”

The family have no idea if the car belonged to someone visiting the street or just somebody who had taken a wrong turn.

Faris’ grandfather Abdul Hamid, 62, said: “The accident happened in the flick of an eye.

“When I went outside to see what had happened he was crying, everyone was shouting, we didn’t even know which car had knocked him down.”

Neighbour Saeed Patel, 44, who lives in nearby Ribble Street, said speeding in the area was a problem.

He said: “It’s non-stop around here they come really fast.

“I’ve asked the council for humps before to slow them down, that would help.

“It’s not safe, I was worried something like this would happen.”

Bastwell councillor Shaukat Hussain said drivers should be more cautious during summer months as more children are playing outside.

He said: “I would appeal to drivers to drive a lot more slowly.

“They should be driving slowly anyway, but they should be even more aware that kids may be playing in areas where cars are parked.

“There are no through roads in that area, so I’m a bit surprised to hear that there are problems with speeding.

“If it is local residents who are speeding then I would again appeal to them to slow down.

“We will look into whether there are any parking measures we could introduce there.”

Sgt Sean Cunningham, of the Road Policing Unit, said: “I would appeal for anyone who witnessed this collision or who saw a similar vehicle in the area at around this time to get in touch.

“I would also appeal to the driver themselves to come forward and speak to us on 101.”