A UNIFORM supplier has slammed a school after it changed its logo without telling him.

Now Rohni Vij has £7,000 worth of outdated Accrington Academy uniform.

But bosses at the school, which has changed its uniform for Year Seven only, said there had never been an agreement in place with Mr Vij to sell the uniform and so they had no reason to inform him of the changes.

Mr Vij has run his shop in Abbey Street, Accrington, since 1991 and said he had sold uniforms for Moorhead Sports College — and from 2008 Accrington Academy — for all of that time.

He said: “We kept asking if there was going to be any changes and they didn’t tell us of any.

“We order all our stock in advance from the Middle East, which is how we can afford to sell it at a good price.

“We tried to get an appointment with the school but they did not respond.

“This is a very big problem for me.

“They have the new intake starting soon and I have parents coming in for the uniform and I am turning people away.

“We are really disappointed.”

The school has updated its uniform for Year Seven pupils only, with the plan to phase it in from September.

A spokesman for Accrington Academy said: “Our primary concern is ensuring that parents are able to purchase a high quality, affordable uniform for their children.

“We are proud that, compared to other local schools, our uniforms are well priced and of high quality.

“We have never had any agreement with Abbey Street to supply our uniform but have not stopped them from doing so.

“We are introducing a new uniform for Year Sevens from this September in response to parent feedback.

“This will be available to parents, as ever, from our usual supplier who has now opened a shop in Accrington.”