THIEVES have stolen thousands of pounds worth of goods from storage units in Rossendale.

Police believe up to four men man have been involved in the raid on Rossendale Self Storage, in Stacksteads.

Locks were cut off the main gate of the site, at Taylor Holme Industrial Estate, in Atherton Way, during the night-time attack. Among the items taken were a Suzuki 125 motorbike, valued at around £2,000 and power tools totalling £1,500.

A Lancashire police spokeswoman said: “We received a call about this on June 9 at 1.40am to report banging coming from inside the premises.

“It appears the self-storage compound has had some things stolen from it. A couple of items taken from the first unit include a yellow and blue Suzuki motorbike and a helmet.

“In another unit they have taken a mini quad bike and some power tools. The offenders appear to have gone in through the main gates and managed to get into the containers and take the lock off.”

Police said they were still waiting to see if there was any CCTV footage of the break-in.

A spokesman for Rossendale Self Storage said business was not affected and blamed the incident on ‘kids with nothing better to do’.

Anyone with information should call Rossendale police on 101.

The burglary comes just three days after Stubbylee Community Greenhouses, a-mile-and-half away in Bacup, was also broken into.