CANCER battler Sam Shaw has had his central line removed and has recovered from the procedure, his mum Christine said.

The five-year-old from Hoddlesden was recently given the ‘all-clear’ following a 16-month fight against neuroblastoma.

As part of the treatment he spent four months in Philadelphia thanks to a £250,000 fundraising appeal with donations from all over East Lancashire.

And last week the youngster, of Glencoe Avenue, had the central line, which is used to adminster doses of medicine, removed.

Christine said: “He returned to school for the last couple of days of term before heading off for a much needed family holiday.

“It is two years since Sam’s last holiday, but he is certainly making up for the lost time.

“His energy levels are very high at the moment. Another huge bonus is that he no longer needs his temperature taking four times a day, or dressing changes or line flushes by medical teams.

“There were times last year when we didn’t dare to dream of having another family holiday together, but thanks to everyone who helped us raise the money.”