A FATHER ended up on his car roof when an ‘angry’ driver allegedly rammed him and then tried to launch a frenzied attack with a metal bar, a jury heard.

Mohammed Shakeel had been trapped between two vehicles and screaming in pain before he managed to pull himself up to seek refuge on top of his Toyota.

The violence, on Perth Street, Accrington, erupted in front of his family, who he had been driving home from the mosque.

It was said to have started after a ‘very aggressive’ Dawood Ashraf asked: “Do you know who I am?”, and ended as police were on the way.

The defendant hit himself in the face with the weapon in his attempts to strike Mr Shakeel, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Mr Shakeel, who lives in Accrington, needed plastic surgery for a leg injury after the incident on November 18 last year.

The defendant, of Persia Street, Accrington, denies causing grievous bodily harm with intent, an alternative allegation of inflicting grievous bodily harm and a charge of dangerous driving.

Prosecutor Charles Brown said Mr Shakeel had been driving along Blackburn Road, Accrington, and the defendant's Astra was driving very slowly, at about 10 to 15mph, in front.

Mr Shakeel tried to overtake but the defendant blocked him. Mr Shakeel went round some bollards on the wrong side. He got out, spoke to the driver and words were exchanged.

Mr Brown said Mr Shakeel then dropped off a family member and her children and saw the Astra had followed him.

The defendant pulled up behind him and got out. There was an exchange of words and as the alleged victim opened his car door, Ashraf drove at Mr Shakeel.

Mr Brown said: “He was screaming in pain as he was trapped between the defendant’s car and his own vehicle. The defendant got out of his car and armed himself with a metal bar about 18 inches long.”

It was at that point that Mr Shakeel took refuge on the roof.

The defendant shouted at Mr Shakeel and made threats: “I am going to kill you and do your wife over”, the court heard.

When police arrived, Ashraf was in his own vehicle. He denied the allegations that were put to him, claiming he had feared for his own safety, tried to drive away and accidentally ran into Mr Shakeel’s car.