A WILD deer caused heads to turn after it found its way onto a housing estate before being rescued by residents — on Roebuck Close.

The young buck is believed to have found its way from its natural habitat in Witton Country Park, Blackburn, to the Galligreaves and Griffin estate.

In a barely-believable twist of fate, the errant animal ended up being apprehended and rescued after its legs became tangled in a metal fence.

Residents were alerted when the animal ran through gardens and across roads.

It is believed to have left the park, crossed Preston Old Road and Griffin Park before entering the estate. Witnesses said it was in a distressed state and concerns increased after its hind legs became tangled in the fence.

Local lads Gary Horton and Lee and Stuart Pearson then gently freed the buck, restraining it and covering its head with a towel to calm it down while they waited for professional help.


Uniformed officers from the RSPCA arrived within 45 minutes and took control. They found the deer was physically unharmed after its unexpected adventure and it was later released back the more suitable environment of Witton Park.

Coun Carol Walsh, who lives nearby, called the RSPCA after being told about the deer.

She said: “To be honest, I thought I was being wound up when someone told me there was a deer on the loose on Roebuck Close. Maybe it had read the road signs. Sure enough, there was a deer, antlers and all, on the streets.

“The RSPCA were brilliant and everyone was happy that the poor thing was unharmed.”

The Galligreaves and Griffin Action Group rewarded Gary, Lee and Stuart with a £5 gift voucher each and a certificate of commendation for their public spirited actions in looking after the deer.