THE parents of cancer battler Sam Shaw have been told further tests are required to find out if the youngster is disease free.

The five-year-old, from Hoddlesden, underwent scans at the end of last month, and mum and dad Christine and Carl were praying for the ‘all clear’.

But, having had a ‘stressful, anxious and emotionally-tiring’ week of waiting, Christine said they have to wait a bit longer.

She said: “We had been told we would receive the results early in the week.

“However, it took much longer than expected for us to hear back from the hospital.

“When they finally contacted us, it was to tell us they would need to do the biopsies again as the samples taken were not good enough to get a clear result.

“This means that Sam will have to undergo yet another painful procedure to remove two cores of bone from his lower back, leaving him in much discomfort.

“He has already had to have this procedure seven times since January last year, and every time he is left with a new set of scars on his little back. We hate the thought of having to put him through the pain and distress of the tests all over again, but it is the only way we will know if he is still clear of cancer, or if the cruel aggressive disease has relapsed.

“We pray that the treatment has worked, and prepare ourselves for another long, anxious wait for the results.”

Last week, Sam, of Glencoe Avenue, enjoyed his first full week at St Paul’s Primary School after months of aggressive treatment.

After his diagnosis in January 2013, a public appeal was launched to raise the £250,000 needed to send him to the US for immunotherapy treatment.

And donations are still needed in case further treatment is required for the neuroblastoma sufferer.