ANOTHER child has been admitted to hospital following an E.coli outbreak in East Lancashire.

The total number of confirmed cases has now risen to 14, with 12 children and two adults affected after visiting Huntley’s Country Store in Samlesbury between March 29 and April 24.

One child has already been discharged from hospital.

This comes as the NFU has reassured people that petting farms are safe as long as hygeine rules are followed and that they should continue to go despite the E.coli outbreak.

Public Health England are among the agencies investigating and a spokeswoman has said that the numbers will change as more lab results are announced.

NFU North West’s spokesman Carl Hudspith said: “This outbreak is under control and should not stop families from enjoying visits to all other open farms in Lancashire this bank holiday weekend.

“Visiting an open farm gives children first-hand experience of farming and the countryside, helps children understand where their food comes from and increases children's appreciation and understanding of the natural environment.

“For affordable, educational family fun there is no better day out than a visit to one of the county’s farms.”

NFU Lancashire county adviser Adam Briggs said: “The benefits that can be gained by both the farming community and the members of the public who visit farms cannot be overstated.

“However, as with many activities, visits to farms cannot be considered free from all danger.

“One of the risks which should be openly addressed on farm visits is that bacterium and micro-organisms such as Escherichia coli O157 (commonly known as E.coli O157) which can cause ill health if proper hygiene procedures are not followed.

“The NFU understands Huntley’s did carry health warnings and provided washing stations for visitors with members of staff to supervise.

“Thankfully, outbreaks of this nature are extremely rare and people visiting farms can be confident that providing they follow strict hygiene rules, such as washing hands thoroughly after touching animals, the dangers remain low.”