A MAN has slammed ‘over zealous’ parking attendants who have given him a ticket for parking in a bus stop that is no longer in use.

Clifford Ball was given the ticket and a £70 fine for parking in the disused bus stop near the former Cemetery pub in Cemetery Road, Darwen.

The stop was moved several yards up the road some months ago as part of the £50million Pennine Reach scheme to improve public transport in the region.

But painted lines remain on the road marking out where the old stop was, which is where Mr Ball had parked.

Mr Ball, who received the ticket on April 3, said he appealed but it was upheld, with the council claiming that parking in the bus stop would hinder access to buses for passengers, despite the fact that it was no longer a bus stop.

He said: “The bus stop is 20 yards away and I parked there so people would not have any problems.

“What annoys me is that I have done nothing wrong. It is completely unjustified.

“If I had taken a chance and parked illegally and been caught I would hold my hands up.”

Widower Mr Ball said he was reluctant to pay the fine.

He said: “I appealed it but it was rejected. I had a letter on Friday saying the fine stood, but if I paid within 14 days it would be halved to £35.

“To me it is just a stealth tax.

“It really winds me up when people park inconsiderately and I go out of my way not to do this.”

Mr Ball, a retired welder, has a son, Lee, and three grandchildren.

Whitehall councillor Karimeh Foster said the ticket should be withdrawn.

She said: “It is very harsh to fine him when the bus stop is no longer in use.

“If they move the bus stop and people know it is moving they should be able to park in it.

“They should cancel the ticket if there is no bus stop there. Where do they expect him to park?”