A 56-YEAR-OLD man loaded a water pistol with urine and went into Blackburn town centre and sprayed random women with it.

Blackburn magistrates heard the ‘bizarre’ offence was committed by a man with no previous convictions.

And Imran Hussain, defending, said his client could offer no explanation for his behaviour although the police investigations had ruled out any sexual motivation.

Ian Wilson, of Heys Lane, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to two charges of assault.

He was given a conditional discharge for three months and ordered to pay £50 compensation to each of his victims.

The court heard the victims were total strangers who had been targeted at random.

Wilson sprayed them on their clothes with the urine from his water pistol before being arrested at the scene.


Mr Hussain said initially police had suspected sexual motivation but examination of his mobile phone and computer showed no abnormal behaviour.

He said Wilson had worked for many years in Germany and Holland before returning to the UK.

He had suffered a number of family bereavements and his long-term marriage had broken down.

“He had suffered from depression and had sought help with that in both Holland and the UK,” said Mr Hussain. “He is deeply ashamed of what he did on that day.

“It was quite bizarre behaviour, with no motivation.

“He is finding it hard to believe he could be capable of this kind of thing.”

Mr Hussain said two days after his arrest Wilson, who has his own internet marketing business, was admitted to the psychiatric unit at Royal Blackburn Hospital where he was detained for three weeks.

“He has been having intensive involvement with the mental health services and there have been no further problems,” said Mr Hussain.