TAXI drivers in Hyndburn will be forced to scrap cars that don’t meet emissions targets, it was revealed.

The council’s new taxi policy will come into force next month following a consultation with drivers in the borough, if councillors agree.

Hackney carriage owners will be made to install a swivel seat for disabled passengers, and signage and markings on glasswork will be banned.

Although the council has backtracked on plans to take private hire cars older than seven years off the road, because ‘vehicle age is potentially an arbitrary test’, it is mainly only newer models that will meet the new emissions standards.

The council said vehicles must meet the Euro Three standard by 2015, Euro Four by 2016 and Euro Five by 2017.

EU directives stated all cars must be Euro Five standard by September 2010.

All cars will continue to be tested twice a year, and three when they reach the age of seven.

A spokesman for Accrington firm Max Cabs said: “This has not been finalised, it’s a long way from being finalised and if people want to contest it they can do, although I don’t know if any will.

“It will be better for taxiing in general. We will have a clean, better fleet and drivers will have a newer car that they will probably take better care of.”

The Lancashire Telegraph first revealed plans to bring in a new policy in December.

Speaking at the time, deputy council leader Coun Clare Pritchard said: “This is about providing a comprehensive plan.

“We have several policies hanging around and this will bring it into one complete policy.

“I would hope it would improve standards.”