A GRANDMOTHER was left relying on friends and family to help her feed her children and granddaughter after thieves broke into her shed and raided her freezer.

Joanne Albanese, of Burnley, had her weekly food supply stolen by burglars after they broke the door of her shed, leaving her with only a bag of carrots, and a loaf of bread.

Ms Albanese, an events co-ordinator, who lives in Norham Close, spoke of her shock, and sadness, at discovering £200 worth of food, she had bought the previous day, had been taken.

The 50-year-old, who lives with her daughter Amy Edmondson, 26, son Jacob Edmondson, 17, and granddaughter Ava-May Jones, four, said: “I was absolutely gutted.

“I’m a single mum, and I do feel for these people who rely on foodbanks, but we all work hard to put food on the table and mine was stolen.

“They took all the food I had, apart from a bag of carrots and a loaf of bread, and a couple of tins I had in the house.

“I’m guessing they couldn’t fit in their bag.”

Ms Albanese realised her property had been burgled when Amy left for work, and alerted her to the fact their garden gate was open.

When Ms Albanese went to check if everything was in order, she found the shed door open, and her food gone.

She said: “They broke in overnight on Sunday.

“I think they were probably opportunists looking for food, because they left my grandaughter’s bike and other things.

“If it wasn’t for my sister, Marie, and other friends and family, we would have had to go to a foodbank.

“It was the end of the month and I’d bought our weekly food, hopefully to see us through until I get paid again.

“I could have had a real problem if I hadn’t had such supportive people around me,” she added.

Lancashire Police confirmed they were investigating a report of theft, between 11.30pm on March 23, and 8.30am on March 24.