A WIND mast is being sought by the supporters of Scout Moor Wind Farm ahead of an anticipated expansion programme.

Land to the north of the Edenfield site, just off Sand Beds Lane, has been identified by Peel Energy and United Utilities for an 80-metre high meterological monitor.

The utility giants are looking to double the size of the existing wind farm, on the outskirts of Rossendale.

And the mast would be in place for a three-year period so wind speed data can be accumulated to support the viability of their plans.

Officials say that the mast will be around 200 to 250mm in diameter and supported by guy ropes and will be fitted with bird deflectors, to minimise the risk to wildlife.

Highway engineers have also been told that the mast will be brought to the site in small sections, avoiding the need for large vehicles arriving at the remote location.

The proposals have been recommended for approval by Rossendale Council’s development control department as while the mast is not suitable for the countryside setting, national planning policies support such developments.